Quex Park in May

There must be nothing nicer than a walk in the countryside in May and at Quex Park the May blossom is very much in evidence with insects appreciating the lovely blossom.

A walk around the park shows that other shrubs and trees are also coming into flower such as the elderly Wisteria and the fruit trees growing alongside the lane outside of the historic walled garden.


Unfortunately, our Prom, Picnic and Tribute Event planned for June, has had to be cancelled due to poor ticket sales. This has been very disappointing to many, but we have two other great family events at Quex Park this month.

Help Ukraine

This month there are two events planned for Quex Park. Our first event, Help Ukraine, takes place at the Quex Barn gardens on 21st May and is held in support of Ukrainian men, women and children who are in desperate need in Ukraine. A day of live music, activities and refreshments is planned with many outlets across the park supporting the appeal.

Quex Barn has been at the forefront of receiving, packing and delivering aid and together with the Quex Park Estates has been instrumental in getting aid to the right places in Poland and the Ukraine. Our Help Ukraine event will raise money to help charities in Ukraine in direct contact with those in need.








Our second event this month is Comic-Con.  Held on the 22nd May it is a must see destination for all fans of Comic-Con, Marvel and DC, with a free gamer bus, merchandising stalls, refreshments, and much more.  Tickets, and more information, are available directly from our Events page.


Farming News

Preparing the land for the crops has been one of the many farming jobs on the estate this week, with the field margins being planted with a mix of herbs and flowers suitable for those pollinating insects.

Linking the Environment and Farming (LEAF) and planting a 12 metre wide pollinator mix around the headland of the potato field.

Nature Friendly Farming Week

The 16th – 20th May marks the start of Nature Friendly Farming Week.  This is the NFFN’s first ever event.

It aims to bring attention to what we can all do as farmers, crofters, growers, producers and everyone, to re-generate the landscape and make a difference about how our land is managed and preserved for future generations.

Find out more about it and how you can make a difference here:


Conservation News

It is always good to see new visitors to Quex Park, especially those who are on the amber or red lists for conservation.

This month we have seen:

  • Yellow wagtail    Red conservation status.  Migrant from West Africa
  • Wheatear            Amber conservations status. Migrant from central Africa
  • Linnet                  Red conservation status. Resident

You can find out more about birds that migrate to our shores from the RSPB. See our link below:




If you want to know more about our conservation news at Quex Park visit our Latest news and articles about Quex Park


Next time you are outside either in your garden or walking in a park or woodland, look out for butterflies. Many are now making an appearance especially as the spring blossom and flowers are appearing.

If you would like to take part in the nationwide butterfly recording scheme, and have a phone with you, take a photo and send it in to the Butterfly Conservation website below:

Butterfly Conservation

You will also be able to find out which butterfly you have seen, report where you saw it, and find out if it is rare. This will help conserve butterflies for future generations.