Quex Park in January

bird singing

Wonderful to see a Redwing on the Quex Park Estate.

These birds are on the Amber list for conservation and protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act. Often seen in fields and hedgerows it lives on a diet of mainly snails, worms and fruit, but might visit a bird table too.


A stonechat putting in an appearance at Quex Park. It is similar to a robin in appearance and lives around coastal areas and near conifer plantations. The sound of its call is similar to two stones tapping together.

The stonechat enjoys a diet of worms, berries and fruit but you may see it visiting your bird table too.


Heron seen soaring over Quex Park. You will find heron wherever there is water nearby, so near the coast, estuaries, rivers and lakes. Although gardeners will be familiar with an eagle-eyed heron sitting motionless near their fish pond.

They enjoy a diet of fish but will also go for small amphibians and voles.

Heron are fast flyers too and can reach speeds of up to 30 miles an hour.