Quex Park in February


Drilling wheat at Kings End Farm.  This farm has heavy soil and is situated on marshland. It is really unusual to be able to sow anything in February. However we are getting on with sowing (drilling) wheat to take advantage of the dry weather as this was not possible on these fields in the autumn.


A great opportunity to see a woodpecker before the leaves appear. You often hear a woodpecker before you see it, so when out on a walk listen for them tapping against a tree to announce their presence and claim some territory.

Woodpeckers are found in woodland areas but not dense woodland. They enjoy the more open wooded areas with deciduous trees.


Fieldfare seen at Quex Park. They over winter in the UK and fly back to Scandinavia in the spring to breed. You may see them in fields and hedgerows as they search for seeds and berries.

They like to move around in flocks and often are seen flocking with redwing too.

bird and berries
bird on reed

Reed Bunting on the Quex Park Estate. They can be found on farmland but are predominantly a wetland bird and as their name suggests are quite adept at perching on reeds or thin branches.

They feed on seeds and invertebrates and are on the Amber list for conservation and protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act.