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Thanet Local Plan Statement

Thanet Local Plan Statement published by Quex Park Estates Co Ltd

Unfortunately the planning process and the Quex Estates part in it has been misrepresented by a few people to the local community. I would like to explain the Estate’s position.

Every District Council is required to provide a Local Plan, part of which land has to be allocated for possible housing development. The Plan covers the period from 2015 to 2031. I understand that this Council has been advised that it has to find provision for an extra 12,000 homes.  

As a result of this, the Council officers approached many landowners in Thanet with the view to identifying appropriate development sites should the demand arise for the new housing to be allocated in the Local Plan. The Quex Estate was one of those landowners approached and as a result we identified land that we believed could be used for this purpose. 

I understand the concerns about the proposal, especially in relation to traffic, water, education, employment & medical services being strained to a greater extent than they currently are. 

It must be emphasised that if incorporated into the Plan, this is land where it would be possible to apply for planning permission to build houses. This does not mean the planning consent would be granted. Also it is not a given that all, or indeed, any of this land will ever be developed. If this land or any part of it is submitted for planning consent for houses, the authority would then implement conditions known as a section 106. 

If planning consent is applied for and the section 106 is implemented, then this where it can be required to provide improved road access, schools, doctors surgeries, open spaces etc. It is at this point any planning application can also be objected to. 

Quex are committed to farming and conservation and this will always be the heart of what it does on its land and as responsible landownwers, we completely respects the views and concerns that local residents may have.

To reiterate, the Quex Estate was approached and it responded in a way we thought was being responsible and engaging with the process. We are keen to have meaningful discussion with the local community. Incidentally Quex has offered less than 1/12 of the land being looked at for allocation in the Local Plan. This plan runs until 2031 and development proposals will only be considered favourably if they are required to meet identified demand and are considered the most appropriate sites to meet that demand.

An invitation has been offered by the Quex Estate to the local resident associations and community leaders via the local representatives for a round table discussion; to date I have received no response. I would like to confirm that this offer is still open.

Should anyone wish to contact Quex Park Estates Co Ltd, please do so via email info@quexpark.co.uk 

(I have used the term Quex Estate in this letter for simplicity, as actually the land is under a complex ownership structure under the title of a ‘Life Tenant’ as per the Settled Land Act). 

All of the Thanet Local Plan information can be found online: http://thanet.gov.uk/your-services/planning-policy/thanets-new-local-plan/what-is-the-new-local-plan/


Anthony Curwen

Managing Director


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