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Quex Park farms 1500 acres in house plus a further 1500 acres under contract agreements with other local farmers. 

Our farming team consists of our Farm Director, Anthony Curwen, Working Farm Manager David Whitehead and just three farm workers.  The main enterprises are wheat & oilseed rape.


The largest area in terms of crop is wheat. The predominant varieties grown are for bread wheat. This is sown in the autumn and harvested in August.

Oilseed Rape

Oilseed rape is grown for its vegetable oils.  The cold pressed varieties are high in oleic acids and are better for us than olive oils.  This crop is sown in August and harvested in July. Our Oilseed rape is used to produce the range of Kentish Oils.

School and Farmers' groups are always welcome to look around the Estate and Farm. 

Please contact us to arrange a visit by telephoning 01843 841119.


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