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Peacocks, Kangas and Blockades

Here is the second blog from Archive Volunteer Eileen Mount.

From Debutante Antoinette to Mudlark Tony!

A 50 Year old 'blog' of Antoinette [Tony] Powell-Cotton created by volunteers Trevor and Vera Gibbons, taken from Tony's field books.

The Story of the Bushbuck

Our Archivist Hazel basford sheds some light on the Bushbuck display in Gallery 2 and why it is so different from the other dioramas.

Location, Location, Location!

One of our Lovely Archive volunteers, Eileen Mount has written a blog post about her latest discoveries in the Quex archives.

Fiona Anthes: Collections Intern, Summer 2014

Fiona Anthes was a collections intern here at the museum in the summer of 2014. Here she shares with us her Powell-Cotton experience.

A Day in the Life: Cath Collins Administrator, Events, Marketing and HR

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at the museum, well wonder no more! We will be taking a look at the various job roles in the museum and the wonderful people that do them!

WW1 Short Story Competition Winner: Laura Hart aged 12

Laura was the winner of our WW1 short story competition in the aged 12-16 category.

WW1 Short Story Competition Winner: Noah Crosbie-Smith

Here is the second winning story from our World War One short story competition.

WW1 Short Story Competition Winner: Molly Ella Waite Aged 10

Molly Ella was one of the winners of our short story competition. The competition entrants had to come up with a short story detailing how three mysterious items came to be on an abandoned boat which was found in the water channels between Thanet and Canterbury.

AIM Project Blog – Written by the AIM Project Volunteers

A = Association of I = Independent M = Museums Project The AIM project was set up to beat the moths and other insects that have gradually set up home in the stored skin collection here at the Powell-Cotton Museum.


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