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Antoinette [Tony] - attention to detail!

Volunteers Vera and Trevor Gibbons transcribe from the archives their latest blog of Tony Powell Cotton’s archaeological Field Book for August 1965, in which Tony resumes after a quiet July her passion for the archaeology in Minnis Bay.

Antoinette The Diligent

Here is July's installment of the 50 year old diary of Antoinette Powell-Cotton made into a blog by our archive volunteers Trevor and Vera Gibbons.

Antoinette the Industrious

This month's post by volunteers Trevor and Vera Gibbons explores the determination and grit shown by Antoinette during times when keeping a team going was proving difficult.

Antoinette the Archaeologist

Here is the next installment of the 50 year old diaries of Antoinette Powell-Cotton "From Debutante Antoinette to Mudlark Tony," put together for us by Archive volunteers Trevor and Vera Gibbons.

The Marion Harland Crusade for Cleaner, Happier Healthier Homes

Our archivist Hazel Basford shares another fascinating find...

Antoinette the Debutante

The Second installment from our archive volunteers Trevor and Vera Gibbons "From Debutante Antoinette to Mudlark Tony!"

Maize Maze Preparations 2015

Quex Park Estates Operation Manager spoke to the Farm staff to find out the process of preparing the Maize Maze site each year.

Peacocks, Kangas and Blockades

Here is the second blog from Archive Volunteer Eileen Mount.

From Debutante Antoinette to Mudlark Tony!

A 50 Year old 'blog' of Antoinette [Tony] Powell-Cotton created by volunteers Trevor and Vera Gibbons, taken from Tony's field books.

The Story of the Bushbuck

Our Archivist Hazel basford sheds some light on the Bushbuck display in Gallery 2 and why it is so different from the other dioramas.


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