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Gunhilda, the Hermit & Jersey Lillie. ‘What`s in a name?`

Here is the 10th blog from Archive Volunteer, Eileen Mount

19th century text speak : r u abl tu trnslt?

Here is the 9th blog from Archive Volunteer, Eileen Mount

Forensics, Farms, and Fauna

Here is the 8th blog from Archive Volunteer, Eileen Mount

The visit of Vera & Trevor Gibbons to Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford

Vera & Trevor Gibbons visited Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford on behalf of the Powell-Cotton Museum and were amazed at what they discovered.

Dent-de-Lion, three Lions Rampant and the Edgware Road

Here is the 7th blog from Archive Volunteer, Eileen Mount

Tony (Antoinette), the Dedicated Archaeologist

This February blog completes the full transcription of twelve months of Antoinette (Tony) Powell-Cotton's Archaeology Field Books of 50 years ago by volunteers Vera and Trevor Gibbons.

Elephant skins, parakeets and sealing wax

Here is the 6th blog from Archive Volunteer, Eileen Mount

Antoinette (Tony) - the tide expert

Volunteers Vera and Trevor Gibbons progress into the New Year with Antoinette (Tony) outlining her methods of archaeology 50 years ago.

Tony the Guide and perfect Hostess

In this month's pre-Christmas blog of Antoinette 50 years ago, volunteers Vera and Trevor Gibbons find themselves volunteering!!

Antoinette (Tony) - the explorer and anthropologist

Antoinette (Tony) - the explorer and anthropologist. 30 years prior to these 1965 blogs of Tony, she was developing her skills of recording detail with her Father, Major Percy Powell-Cotton in Zululand.


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