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Tony the Guide and perfect Hostess

Winter weather with strong winds in 1965 led to some of the sites in Minnis Bay being covered by sand. However Tony was still able to give us our first viewing of the Bay and later in the month we helped her with some measuring.

Saturday 4th December 1965

Walked round Minnis wells towards Grenham found and showing – some Med [Medieval], near triangle centre probably Med 1 to add to others B.A. [Bronze Age], as before.  Later chalk I put on N remain i.e. those in one patch stacked and wedged standing upright. Accompanied by ? Indian lad with black and white cat in his arms.

Sunday 5th December 1965

Windy.  Gibbons from Herne came saw B.A. site with the little posts etc., some well bases and pits on cliff – also the museum.

  • [We also enjoyed our first afternoon tea, of many, at Quex.  A table was set out in the Entrance Hall as the Dining Room was undergoing work on the dry rot behind the wall paneling.  Tea was always bread with butter from the home farm and Quex honey or jam, followed by biscuits and cake.   Occasionally we had tea in the kitchen when the cook/housekeeper was on holiday.  Tony’s brother, Christopher, would join us when he was at home.]

Entrance Hall
Entrance Hall with Main Staircase 2015 [and the table!]

Tuesday 14th December 1965

Collected 1 sherd – coarse pink and gritty outer black, inner surface worn – loose off oak patch.  Collected 1/2lb tin greenish sticky south of F.F.  [Far Flats], log.  See above.

Field Book
December 14th pages 67 & 68 of Field Book 17 showing Tony’s  paces between areas .

Saturday 18th December 1965

Terrance Trevor and Vera Gibbons midday to 3ish.  Measured up for 20 – 30.  25. 26. 26. 27. 28. 29.  These three already plotted by Mr Unitt.  Sandwiches in chalet.  Strong N.W. wind – sand has come back a good deal.  Some Med holes near triangle show.

  • [This was the first measured survey work we did for Tony, measuring the location of Belgic well bases 27,28,29 and Well30. 20,25 and26 had been previously measured by Mr Unitt of Isle of Thanet Geographical Association. Then in the extreme weather we went to the comfort of Tony’s beach chalet for our sandwiches.]

Thursday 30th December 1965

4 Med pits still show around triangle, seems that well base 27 could be dug.  B.A. [site] rather covered.

Next month ……..we help Tony dig Well27. We believe this was a test piece before starting the important Well30 in April 1966.

Antoinette Powell-Cotton (1913-1997) Debutante, nurse, midwife, African explorer, anthropologist and passionate local archaeologist, was the youngest daughter of Major Percy Powell-Cotton, of Quex Park, Birchington, Kent.


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