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Antoinette the Industrious

It was becoming difficult for Tony to maintain a team for excavating the foreshore due to the unpredictable tidal action and unreliable weather.  She, therefore, had to rely on volunteers who were not always available when conditions were right.  One winter all of her contacts were down with flu’!

With the weather and the bay conditions still holding during June, Tony takes the opportunity to continue with Pit N working some 21 days in all.  Normally Tony worked for a few days and then had a break.  Last month, May, being typical she seldom worked more than three days in a row.  Towards the end of June she has two minor mishaps.  Perhaps these were due to tiredness.



                                                                                                        Tony getting organized at her beach hut


Tuesday 1st June

Minnis in eve with sup [supper] F & P area.  Collected small lump silt with smashy  brownish gritty pot - pretty far west and inland towards chalk.  2 small long bones near split fenced in area – at the outside not very far from patch of flints with 2 largish oysters – a couple of flakes near smashy pot.    There appears to be much smashy pot charcoal ?grass was fired – some nice ?oak or hazel twigs – gnarled.  New cell prepped. 

Thursday 3rd June

Scratched cell 17 check number.  1 medium black sherd, a few bones – some small chalky fill below and above clayish silt or garden soil with chalk specks and black ditto ?ash.

Friday 4th June

Continued with John M helped aged 9, his young brother 7 and another.  Left 2 largish long bones vertical ?leaning against chalk in fill on inland edge – a thinnish line of chalk here partly removed – Good weather.

Tuesday 8th June

Rained.  Minnis late afternoon- eve.  Walked over bay - collected one ribby sherd. BAS [Bronze Age Site] centre a little disturbance by worm digging.  Prepared cell19 – going anti-clock along southern edge next cell will be in south-west corner.  This cell 19 partly impinges on the hard brown bank which incorporated bone and pot – is near the so called ’black and red rim (pot 4) from very near surface although not showing I believe.