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The Marion Harland Crusade for Cleaner, Happier Healthier Homes

The Marion Harland Crusade for Cleaner, Happier Healthier Homes

In the Archives we are always looking out for the unexpected amongst the papers and documents in the collection.  It is so large that we have not yet been through it all so we can still be surprised.

The latest to catch our eye is a leaflet with the title “The Marion Harland Crusade for Cleaner, Happier Healthier Homes”, published by the Duntley Manufacturing Co. in Chicago.

In 1911 Major and Mrs Powell-Cotton paid a short visit to the US and Canada. Mrs Powell-Cotton had an aunt who lived near Chicago, so this was a family visit and holiday rather than an expedition.


A little Internet research reveals that Marion Harland was one of the best known women in America in the 19th century.  She lived between 1830 and 1922 and was a wide-ranging author – of fiction and domestic advice, producing hundreds of articles, short stories and newspaper columns.

In our leaflet she is promoting the Duntley Co.’s latest vacuum cleaner, its many benefits and conveniences.

We don’t know but it is possible Major Powell-Cotton bought one for Quex.  The cover of the leaflet has some notes scribbled by him, including the price - $125 from New York.



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