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WW1 Short Story Competition Winner: Noah Crosbie-Smith

WW1 Short Story Competition Winner: Noah Crosbie-Smith

The Tale of Jacob Hanson

Noah Crosbie-Smith (aged 10) 

There was once a brilliant language teacher named Jacob Hanson. Nobody really knew he was born in Germany because he did not feel he needed to tell anybody. In his childhood when he was still 1 or 2, himself, his mum and his dad moved to England. Having done well in his grades he trained as a teacher and got a job application at Barham CE Primary School. After a few months he moved to Canterbury and lived on Cromwell Road. He worked at Barham School and started a great lifestyle and met lots of friends. In 1914 the war broke out and that was just after Jacob’s parents moved back home.

Jacob first heard about the war when he got sent a package, but the strange thing was he found it in his garden. It must have been hand delivered. There was a note that said: We have your parents. You must follow these instructions if you want to see them again. You must spy for us and you must contact us at 6.00pm every day using this radio receiver, the watch is so you know what time to contact us and the gun is to protect yourself if you get hurt or caught. From the Army.

Jacob got very good at spying ‘til one night he was at the Grove Ferry pub and in the newspaper it said they were going to identify all foreign people and imprison the Germans.
Jacob contacted the Germans and told them to pick him up on a boat but they said they were already there. Jacob was confused but there was no time to be confused. He stole a boat and he made such a racket doing so the owner heard him and started shooting at the boat. Jacob thought he missed but he did not. Later the boat started to sink. Jacob wrapped the gifts in oilskins and left them on the boat. Then he jumped off. A hand pulled him out of the water and to Jacob’s surprise it was his father.

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