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WW1 Short Story Competition Winner: Molly Ella Waite Aged 10

WW1 Short Story Competition Winner: Molly Ella Waite Aged 10

 A Soldier’s Tale

Molly-Ella Waite (Age 10)

Edward opened his eyes which were still heavy with sleep. His head throbbed with pain and when he put his hand to his bruised temple he could feel the coarse bandages that were wrapped around his bruised head.  Looking around he realised that he had no possessions on his spindly bedside table. He had lost his three most treasured objects…
Edward Faith was a charming young man at the age of twenty-one, who lived in a beautiful cottage in the heart of Dover. Edward was a family man, who was devoted to his wife Elizabeth and his two beautiful young children, named Albert and Margaret. He would never have thought about leaving them, if war had not been declared between England and Germany…

Every time Edward went to the town near his village on the way to work, Edward would gaze intently at the posters, each one clearly stating: RECRUIT NOW, GENTS! Finally after a great deal of thinking, Edward signed up to be a soldier.

The day before he had to leave to go to war, Edward’s wife Elizabeth presented him with a brand new golden pocket watch that ticked softly.
“Be Brave, my love” Whispered Elizabeth, her jade green eyes shining with tears “This war will be over before Christmas. Come back to me.”
During his first few days as a soldier, Edward made friends with two high-spirited gentlemen, named Frederick and Jack. They were put together on a small, cramped boat on a small river in a tiny village in England. The three men’s job was to protect the country, and be on the lookout for German planes. They had each been presented with a radio receiver, and a brand new revolver gun, which became Edward’s most prized possessions, along with his golden pocket watch.
By the time it was December the first, Edward had had enough. He had thought that he would be fighting against the Germans. But he was stuck in an almost deserted village clutching a revolver in his hands that were stiff with frostbite.

That night, when Jack and Frederick were snoring heavily in their hard beds, Edward crept into the cabin shared by the three men. His heart pounding in his chest, he aimed his revolver at Frederick’s chest.

“I’m sorry” whispered Edward, “My family mean more to me than you!” BANG! Frederick rolled slowly off his bed, dead.
Edward turned around and found himself face to face with Jack. Jack’s face was as pale as paper, his own revolver clutched to his chest.
“NO!” He cried “I trusted you. No! NO! Please don…” BANG! Jake collapsed onto the freezing wooden floor, as Edward bowed his head in shame, as he watched his friend draw his final heaving breath. His heart full of guilt, he heaved each of the men over the side of the boat.

“I’m coming home, darling Elizabeth” Whispered Edward into the night, his voice shaking heavily. “I’m coming home.”
So, Edward set off to find his home in Dover. To avoid being recognised because of his uniform, Edward steered the little boat down all of the unknown water channels.
By the time Edward reached a water channel between Canterbury and Thanet, it was Christmas Eve. The sky above him was ash grey, with a little sunlight peering through the clouds. He looked up. A German plane was circling overhead. Panicking, Edward let go of the greasy steering wheel. The little boat crashed into a low stone wall. Screaming for help, Edward was thrown onto the cold wooden floor, unconscious. Scarlet blood dripped down his pale face from underneath his frayed cap.

Edward was discovered lying in the boat the next day, and was rushed to hospital. He died on the 5th January, 1915.

The boat was discovered one hundred years later, in 2014, long after world war two had been settled. Three possessions were discovered wrapped in oil skin: A sleek black revolver, an unused, gleaming radio receiver and a gold pocket watch, the metal rusty with age. 

Molly Ella Waite






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