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A Summer of Farming at Quex Park

A Summer of Farming at Quex Park

Quex Park farms 1500 acres in house plus a further 1500 acres under contract agreements with other local farmers.

It’s been a busy Harvest Season for us at Quex Park this year.


We started with the Oilseed Rape on 8th July- which was actually 2 weeks earlier than usual. We managed to get all of the Oilseed done in good time thanks to the weather. That then meant that we were able to move on and start the harvest of the wheat on approx. 24th July. As this is the largest area in terms of crop- we know it always takes us the longest to get through.


However, with the severe downpours that we have incurred over the past week- we have now slipped slightly behind- that’s not surprising really when we had 18mm of rainfall in 15 minutes….. so as you can imagine, this did hold us up!! BUT we are almost finished with the wheat now, which means we then get to move onto beans…..

We are finishing the beans today- 7th September- so now the yard gets very busy with loading and collections. We have Lorries loading wheat for Hovis bread & beans being collected to go to Egypt.


The beans are used as a protein supplement in Middle-Eastern countries, as there is not the demand for the product in this country.

During the mix of all of this, we have also been lifting a variety of potatoes. We started with the salad potatoes, such as Maris Peer & Exquisar in July, swiftly moved onto baking potatoes in mid-August and will complete the potato harvest by the end of September.


Once we have lifted the potatoes, they are then graded. The process of grading the potatoes, removes any excess mud and also sorts them into sizes in readiness for sale.

 At this point, the combine gets to go to bed…. Well until we start the whole process again in July!


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