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Photography and Filming

Photography and Filming

Visitors are encouraged to take photographs within the Museum, House and Gardens for personal and social media use.  Please disable the flash on your camera or mobile device. 

However,  if you would like to use/take photographs or film for academic/educational or commercial purposes please submit a permission request prior to your visit.  .

The Powell-Cotton Museum is an independent educational charity which means it does not receive any funding from the government or local authority. Our staff team is small and while we will make every effort to ensure you have a pleasant filming/photographic experience, it is necessary for us to charge in order to cover our costs.

All applications for use of photography and filming must include the submission of a completed permission form. Please familiarise yourself with the supplied guidelines below before you submit a request.

Permission Form - FILM/PHOTOGRAPHY Please use this form if you would like to film or take photographs yourself within the Museum, house and gardens.

Permission Form- USE OF IMAGES FOR PUBLICATION Please use this form if you would like to use existing images supplied by the Powell-Cotton Museum (e.g. from our archive), or an image taken by us at your request.


If you would like to film in the Museum, House or Gardens or to use the premises for a photo shoot you must make a formal request to the Museum and staff will then assess your proposal.

The following charges will apply:

Commercial filming and photography, e.g. an advert, short film, fashion shoot

£1000 per day (8 hours)

Educational, e.g. BBC documentary

£500 per day (8 hours)

If a whole day is not required, then we will calculate the cost pro rata.

Students e.g. for a project or MA     £100 a day, £50 half a day



If you would like to use a photograph from our archive please contact the Museum supplying relevant details and our Archivist will respond directly to you. Sometimes a photograph will already be digitised and available to send via email, but at other times the archives team will need to locate an image and scan it. We are happy to receive these requests and a donation would be welcomed.



If you show a valid student photo ID card to our front of house staff, you may photograph in the public areas for a charge of £10 a day (in addition to entry cost). You will be asked to complete the permission form supplied.


Academic/Educational use

There is no charge for using an existing photograph supplied by the Museum from our bank of images.

Commercial use

£20 administrative fee to use up to five photographs from our bank of images (£3 for any additional images).

£40 administrative fee for up to five images which are taken by museum staff at your request.

If you intend to use photographs in a publication, the Museum would request a copy for the library collection and should also be credited.


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