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Gallery 8

Gallery 8

This is the smallest of the museum’s main galleries and is used a temporary exhibition space. The displays focus on the museum’s important collection of Chinese Imperial porcelain. Percy Powell-Cotton bought many of the pieces in 1910 from a Mr R. Pope in London. At present we do not know a lot about Mr. Pope, but he was clearly a keen collector with good taste! Percy acquired other pieces during his World Trip between 1889-1891.

The gallery also includes other items of decorative art from China and Japan, namely a collection of Chinese snuff bottles and part of a large collection of Japanese netsuke, most of which is not currently on display. Many of the snuff bottles were acquired by Percy on his World Trip. Although Percy acquired some netsuke himself, the majority, and the large chest they came in, were purchased from Mr R. Pope, along with the porcelain.

The final display is dedicated to the story of Percy Powell-Cotton’s World Trip. Each year the display is updated to reflect different places he visited and to showcase the variety of items he collected. 

Photographs: Nikhilesh Havel

Image: © Dorling Kindersley Ltd


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