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Legacies and Wills

Legacies and Wills

The Powell-Cotton Museum, Quex House and Gardens is a Charitable Trust that does not receive core funding from the Department of Culture, Media and Sport.  As such, we are incredibly grateful for the additional support we receive from our visitors. Income received from your legacy is a wonderful way for you to invest in the future of the Powell-Cotton Museum and make an essential contribution to funding our work. 

A legacy to the Powell-Cotton Museum at Quex Park would be your gift to generations of children who may never have the opportunity to travel to Africa or other countries for whom our Museum holds unique collections of natural history and interesting objects from other cultures. 

Your gift will help us to sustain this internationally important collection for future scientific research which will ultimately result in wildlife and community preservation and conservation - our commitment for generations to come.

How your legacy will help us

Legacies are most useful when they are left to our general work – which means we can use them where the need is greatest. However, we understand that you may like to leave your legacy to an area of the Museum or Gardens you enjoy the most. It is possible to align your gift to the following areas of our work:

  • The management and development of our permanent natural history collections
  • The upgrade of storage and display of our ethnographical collections
  • The upkeep and management of our gardens
  • The improvement of our scientific research and study areas
  • The improvement of visitor services/education facilities and audience development  

If you had a more specific area in mind, please contact our Director.  Our collections do change over time and very specific conditions attached to a legacy may mean we are unable to spend your gift.

Tax benefits for your family

The Powell-Cotton Museum is a charity, so legacies made to us are exempt from inheritance tax.  For more information on leaving a legacy and to see how the changes to Inheritance Tax have made it more attractive to support charities through legacy giving, please visit the Legacy10 website by clicking on the image below.

Legacy 10

What to do next

If you have decided that a legacy is the way you’d like to help our work, the next thing to please do is talk to your solicitor when you are writing, or amending, your will.  For more information about the various types of legacy and suggested wording for your will, please download our legacy pack and take it with you when you see your solicitor.  For more information online please visit http://www.charitychoice.co.uk/leaving-a-gift-in-your-will

Download this guide to leaving a legacy to the Powell-Cotton Museum

Let us know!

If you are considering leaving the Powell-Cotton Museum a legacy, thank you. Whether you do it now or in coming months, it will be a valued gift which will make a great difference to our work and to the understanding of our collections for generations to come.  And if you have already remembered the Powell-Cotton Museum in your Will, thank you!

You can also help the Powell-Cotton Museum, Quex House and Gardens in other ways.


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