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Quex, Napoleon and Waterloo 1815-2015

 In June 1815 the Battle of Waterloo ended more than twenty years of war with France. Here at Quex a fine country house had just been built, soon followed by a monumental ‘Waterloo’ bell-tower.

Built by John Powell Powell, ancestor of the founder of the Powell-Cotton Museum, these are a lasting memorial to a generation’s struggle with conflict, loss and eventual peace.

Two centuries later at Quex House we commemorate these times. We also look at why John Powell Powell became so fascinated by the life of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Delving further into the archives, we are discovering more about the family’s links to the Napoleonic Wars. Through numerous military, naval and royal connections, many intriguing stories and famous names are emerging.

One gem from the archives is a letter written soon after the Battle of Waterloo by Powell’s young nephew- an excited schoolboy destined for the army, and a life cut short.
Powell’s fascinating collection of Napoleonic memorabilia is still here at Quex for all to enjoy. We even have a lock of ‘Boney’s’ hair. Come and follow the Napoleon and Wellington house trail and see this and much more.


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