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Administravtive Service, Uganda

Administravtive Service, Uganda

Administrative Service, Uganda

After the war Christopher returned successfully to administrative life in Uganda working closely with the community. He was promoted to District Commissioner in 1950 and received the MBE in 1951. Four years later he was appointed provincial Commissioner of the Northern Province bordering Sudan and the Congo. His sister Diana, now a qualified doctor, had joined him in 1950. With his help she secured a post in the Government African Hospital. During shared holidays they explored the country, recording the wildlife through film and photography.

It was a decade of transition: Uganda was preparing for independence and an experienced a diplomatic approach was essential. During this time Christopher served under two successive governors, providing essential advice and support.

Work accelerated in 1952 with the arrival of Si8r Andrew Cohen, a driving force behind the recent creation of a federal state for the Rhodesias and Nyasaland (Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi). During five years as Governor, Cohen recognised Legislative Council and introduced many economic initiatives but the ground work was difficult and negotiations complex. He was succeeded by Sir Fredrick Crawford.

In February 1959, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother, visited East Africa, travelling to Kenya and Uganda. In Kenya the visit was not especially well received by some but in Uganda careful preparation ensured that Her Majesty was greeted with enthusiasm and affection. Christopher as Provincial Commissioner, welcomed Her Majesty to Murchison Falls National Park where she watched a baraza (ceremony of welcome) before travelling into the Park and by boat on the Nile to view game.

Although offered high office elsewhere, Christopher remained loyal to Uganda and stayed to see the independence in 1961. He served as acting Deputy Governor during handover. That year he was appointed Companion of the Most Distinguished Order of St. Michael and St. George (CMG) in recognition of his important service to the Commonwealth.

With the inevitable closure of his post he officially ‘retired’ from the Civil Service in Uganda. In 1962 he returned to England, bringing to Quex a wealth of knowledge and considerable diplomatic and administrative experience.


1 .A photo opportunity- Christopher stops to admire the panoramic view c. 1965
2.Christopher as District Commissioner with staff c.1950
3.The new Governor of Uganda, Sir Fredrick Crawford (centre), and his staff, 1957 (Christopher seated on his left)
4.Royal visit to Uganda of HM Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, 1959. Sir Fredrick Crawford, Governor of Uganda in foreground; Christopher seated behind the Queen Mother- watching the baraza.
5.Sir Andrew Cohen, Governor of Uganda with his wife and staff c. 1953. (Christopher seated on the right)
6.Finding time to relax during an official visit.



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