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Ceramics and the story of Quex

The wide-ranging collection of European and Oriental pottery and porcelain at the Powell-Cotton Museum and throughout Quex House shows how ceramic production has developed over many centuries. The collection has recently been reorganised. Our new displays will help to interpret the collection and tell you more about how the pieces were brought together. They will also provide the perfect opportunity to discover more about the fascinating story of Quex and maximise the enjoyment of your visit to Quex House.

Tales of exciting times here during the 17th century tell of unusual royal connections. Everyday life is revealed by several fascinating objects found during the demolition of the Tudor Quex House some 200 years ago. Through the lives of successive owners we show how Thanet and the Quex Estate has developed since the 18th century. We meet Major Powell-Cotton’s ancestors and experience the exploits of members of the Cotton family and their connection with international trade and the expansion of the Empire. Through the 19th century displays, we explore some complex lives and challenging times on the Quex Estate, near Margate, Kent.

Young Percy Powell-Cotton’s quest to meet diverse cultures began during his ‘World Trip’ in 1889. This helped to develop his passion for the arts alongside his lifelong commitment to anthropology and natural history. All of this resulted in many changes to Quex House as a family home, but, especially, as a fitting place for his unique Museum.

With the support of the Museum’s extensive archive, we have developed a series of themed ceramics displays in the Museum. Furthermore, some new displays within Quex House recreate those devised a century ago by Major and Mrs Powell-Cotton.

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Ceramics & The Story of QuexCeramics & The Story of QuexCeramics & The Story of Quex


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