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Archives and Libraries

Quality Assured Visitor Attraction with such wide-ranging museum collections of national importance, an intriguing family story and historic links with both London and Thanet, it is not surprising that our Archives and Libraries at Quex are a rich and exciting resource for us all.

By the time thirty-year-old Major Percy Horace Gordon Powell-Cotton founded his museum in 1896 he had already completed a two-year World Trip and had began to explore Africa, a lifelong passion.

As a keen naturalist, explorer and anthropologist he recognised the importance of documenting his growing collections through field notes, diaries, journals, photography and, later, film and sound.

As a capable information manager, he knew that good record keeping was essential and that an accessible archive was invaluable for his on-going work and for the needs of future generations.  He also realised the importance of his own extensive family records and of the museum libraries at Quex, which he was keen to develop.

Naturally, over the years, successive reorganisations have resulted in a number of changes to our archives and libraries systems – some not necessarily for the better.

Now, as part of the Museum’s long-term plan, we are committed to preserving and cataloguing these unique resources and making them as widely accessible as possible.

Undoubtedly, the Archives are invaluable for a wide range of academic research, attracting such specialists as naturalists, anthropologists, ethnographers, archaeologists and social historians.

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