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There are two important libraries within the Powell-Cotton Museum and Quex House. The museum library is built on two levels, and was created as part of the second phase of the museum’s development, before the First World War. It houses Major Powell-Cotton’s collection of sporting and travel books and some earlier books about exploration to Africa and the Far East.

There is also an interesting selection of volumes on archaeology, which reflects the Powell-Cotton family’s interest in the subject. Henry Perry Cotton (1805-1881) was a founding member of the Kent Archaeological Society, Major Powell Cotton was a member of the Society’s Council for many years and Antoinette Powell-Cotton (1913-1997) conducted excavations at Minnis Bay over a number of decades, resulting in the extensive local archaeological collection the museum now houses. 

The House Library contains approximately 3,000 volumes and reflects the interests and tastes of successive generations of the extended Powell-Cotton family. The library within Quex House is accessible to visitors during the summer months, when Quex House is open to the public. 


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