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Arts Award Discover in a Day Programme

We have been working with Artswork to put together a fantastic new opportunity for schools in Kent. Come to the Powell-Cotton Museum for a day of art filled activities and achieve your Discover Arts Award. We have two different Arts Award Discover in a day options. They are:

  • Coil Pot Making  – learn about renowned Zande potter Mbitim and the traditional African craft of coil pot making through archive footage taken by Percy Powell-Cotton. Then have a go at making a clay pot.
  • African Textiles  – learn about the different techniques used to make traditional African textiles and the symbols used in their design by visiting our new exhibition and exploring examples in our handling collection. Then have a go at creating your own textile to take home.

On the day you will have three one-hour workshops designed specifically to meet the criteria of the Discover Arts Award plus break and lunch time.

The day costs £300 per class of up to 32 children. The cost includes three workshops on the one-day (including resources), log books for each child to record their evidence, moderation of the log books by the learning team and a certificate for each child on completion of their Arts Award.

We currently have opportunities for local schools to trial our Arts Award Discover in a day programme for free due to funding from Artswork.

If you would like to know more about our Arts Award offer or the trial offer please contact the Learning Team on learning@quexmuseum.org or 01843 842168



















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