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Monster Slam

Sunday 21 July 2019

11am - 5pm        

Adult £15.00
Child £10.00
Under 5 –  Free   

Tickets can be purchased by following this link 

It is one of Europe’s largest with a full-size American body.

Other monster vehicles include Pete’s hefty sidekick, The Grim Reaper, who will be tearing cars apart and landing on exploding caravans. There will also be other large-scale spectacles similar to the stunts performed on Top Gear.

This car-crushing, caravan-exploding Monster Smash will also feature the UK’s top motocross freestyle team - The Boldog FMX team - a three-man crew who performs stunts over ramps taking them up to 75ft high.

The team have even performed stunts on the big screen in Marvel’s Captain America movies.

Other attractions include mini monster truck rides, junior driving school, and a host of very special cars used on the big screen - as well as some famous metal characters to meet and greet. Gerald McCarthy, co-organiser, said: “There’s something about Monster Trucks and their ability to just crush things to bits that brings out the child in us all.

“Add in daredevil motorbike stunts by the best in the business and you can’t help but be excited by what’s in stores.

“As organisers of a number of major events including the Southeast Airshow - which featured a host of jets including the Red Arrows, Eurofighter, and even a MiG-15, along with classic vintage warbirds such as the Lancaster and Spitfire - we feel we know what types of events bring that adrenaline rush that we all crave from time to time.”

Event Field- Quex Park

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