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Dr Karen Jones- 'Predators, Pine Needles and Pythons: Ecology in Action at the Powell-Cotton Museum'

Thursday 8 June 2017


Free entry to talk. 

This talk looks at the remarkable wildlife dioramas assembled by Major Percy Powell-Cotton with a view to exploring how they preserve ‘Ecology in Action’ and teach us about the evolution of the science of ecology, conservation and natural history museums in the twentieth century. 

When Powell-Cotton opened his museum to the public in the early years of the century, his intention was an educational one: using the power of animal exhibits to teach visitors about wildlife, habitats and the far-flung landscapes he had travelled in.

In a pre-Attenborough age, this colorful assembly of fauna and flora were important agents of science communication - allowing people to get ‘up close’ to all kinds of weird and wonderful species and learn about the places they roamed.  'Frozen' in time and in motion, these unique exhibits pay heed to our enduring fascination with other species and our abiding interest in their ways and worlds.  

Taking a journey from Powell-Cotton’s world to ours, this talk explores the history of the museum as an important site of animal display, scientific ecology, and species conservation.

Gallery 6- Powell-Cotton Museum

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