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We've come a long way: Gallery 6 re-opens.

We've come a long way: Gallery 6 re-opens.

Only 3 days to go until we open the doors to Gallery 6. Although it feels like there are still a million things to finish, for Sarah Brown (Co-Project Manager) and I, we can’t wait to see the reaction from our visitors.

Since June 2013 we have been beavering away at transforming Gallery 6 into an interactive space where anyone can be a researcher, and gain a greater understanding of the museums founder, Percy Powell-Cotton.

One of the key aspects of the space will be housing our unique Handling Collection of over 700 objects ranging from skulls, musical instruments, costumes and lots of taxidermy birds. Visitors will be able to touch, study and play with these precious objects, and perhaps understand why Percy Powell-Cotton became such a keen naturalist and lover of different cultures.

Canterbury Christ Church students testing Gallery 6 / University of the Creative Arts students testing Gallery 6.

On a personal level, I have loved working at the museum, picking up some quirky facts along the way. For example did you know you can spot an Orangutan skull because they look surprised and elephant skulls look like Cyclops!

Most of all we have been bowled over by the support and enthusiasm shown by staff and volunteers and we hope this gallery adds another element to our much loved museum.

Gallery 6 opens on Saturday 25 October, 10am.

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  1. Manny M:
    Dec 16, 2014 at 10:15 AM

    Gallery 6 has transformed the museums landscape demonstrating that museums don't have to be superficial and places of no interaction and participation, this particular Gallery 18 or so months in the making renders itself as a class of its own offering amazing opportunities to all age groups with the opportunity to not only research but to arouse curiosity and provoke thought. Why not arouse curiosity and take part in what is an inspiring new generation of a Gallery. This is real 21st Century stuff offering boundless opportunities for all.

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